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All Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers

Today's Puzzle

JUL 15
  • MEET
  • PEST
  • PETS
  • SEEM
  • STEM
  • STEP
  • TEES
  • TEST
  • SEEP
  • TEMP

Puzzles by Month

What is the Wordscapes Daily Puzzle?

The Daily Puzzle in Wordscapes is a fresh and exclusive puzzle that sets itself apart from the regular levels. It offers players a refreshing word-solving experience every 24 hours. Each day will bring a new puzzle you won't find anywhere else in the game, making it a truly special feature.

Daily Puzzle Butterlfies

One of the unique elements in the Daily Puzzle is the presence of butterflies perched on certain squares. As you play words and fill in the puzzle, you have the opportunity to collect these butterflies. Whenever you form a word on a square with a butterfly, you capture it and add it to your collection!

The Butterfly collection in the Daily Puzzle comes with an exciting twist. When you capture a butterfly, it releases another one onto the board, creating more opportunities for you to gather additional ones.

Maximizing Your Score

The key to maximizing your collection is to capture butterflies as early as possible. This increases your chances of encountering more for the level. With our Daily Puzzle answers you can view the word that a butterfly could be sitting on. This way, you'll be able to capture every butterfly possible to gain the highest score.

As you fill your progress bar with butterflies, you unlock pictures that are added to your collection. These pictures serve as rewards for your dedication and skill in solving the Daily Puzzle. However, it's essential to note that the monthly challenge resets on the 1st of each month. So, any unlocked photos from the previous month's challenge will be reset.

Here we have every puzzle to conquer each day in Wordscapes. These all include the answer crossword and a list of bonus words to earn even more. Our regularly updated answers, ensure that you never miss out on a single butterfly or reward.